I couldn’t put this book down. Literally. It arrived on Saturday morning and I finished it shortly after luch. It is so much more than a story of overcoming adversity, it’s an insight into an extraordinary life. Jim MacLaren took reinvention to a whole new level and his sister is generous in allowing the reader to immerse themselves in his story and his example. The book is made up of stories, anecodotes, lessons and poetry, all in their own way offering a new perspective on Jim’s life as well as reminding the reader that life is precious and not to be taken for granted.  

 Marie Yates Editor

Suzanne D. Bridge

 I read this book in one sitting. It was a moving, inspirational tribute to Jim MacLaren, a man who faced traumatic accidents in his life and reinvented himself and never gave up. It was a warm, poignant read from his family and friends who loved him dearly. The stories that were told help shaped the big picture of who Jim was and how he lived his life. May his spirit continue to shine. 

C. Murphy

Must Read!

Exceptional! Inspiring story so well told. 

Joe Lerman, Musician

Jennifer feels this emotional and inspirational story within her being. she has lived through and beyond it. can't wait to see how this literary tapestry unfolds. go girl..."it's a marvelous time..." 

Karen O'Conner

 A beautiful tribute of love for an amazing soul! When you read this book it allows you to connect with Jim in such a way that you wish he was still here so that you can somehow have a part of him in your own life experience on earth. In the meantime I am grateful that Jennifer wrote this book and I loved all the stories the others shared. It gives whomever reads it a sense of HOPE, FAITH and to BELIEVE anything is possible! 

Penny Knight

 A great inspirational story! Well written story of an amazing man. When I feel like life has given more than I can handle, I watch the videos of Jim. If he could continue on after everything he had to deal with.....I know I can. 

Scott Finzen

 This was so inspiring. We need more Jim Maclarens in this world. Thanks for sharing his remarkable life with all of us